Sunday, October 19, 2008

two months

2nd month = momentum lost.

There were many reasons for this, so I won't dig into it.  In the first month I stayed a week ahead, and that even included the anniversary post.  This month the scheduled shrank and shrank until it disappeared.  I need to get caught back up to being a week ahead where I can.  And to do that, and stay there will require putting 2-4 entries a day into my queue.  The Daily D's can be done as far in advance as I want, same goes for my SHOF posts.  The links posts will require a bit more "urgency", but even they can be done as much as a week in advance, if I want.

The goal is to fit this within the confines of the rest of my life.  It will require daily discipline, but I want to backlog as much as possible to give myself the flexibility to be busy, to edit, to be topical, to think, and the experiment.  This is an idea ground, that can only spawn more serious things if I am willing to play around.  And hell this is at it's heart a place for me to vent my insanity!  

Like everything in my life I need to get into a rhythm, and like my new job speed will come with practice.  So a post that right now takes me an hour to pull together will eventually take me 30 minutes, giving me a chance to write that post a different time of the day, or do it on the fly when a free moment presents itself.  Again, flexibility is a goal.

Let's look at some numbers:
42 posts and 157/246 visits in the first month
27 posts and 107/144 visits in the second

It will be easier to plot my time now that I am back to work, even if I get a 2nd job, it will just require me to focus on what I am doing.  Reading faster, typing faster, thinking faster, and being in the moment will all be skills that I need to learn.  The Steroids Hall of Fame is still going to continue, especially since I've found a few good resources, I just want to get back to my daily posting first.  Even if the Daily D doesn't end up being a long term thing), right now it serves as a great exercise for writing, thinking, planning, and discipline.  The first month shows that when I am up to date with the D then I will stay on pace with other things.
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