Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Misdirection Play 10-21

Starting off on a depressing note this week we go to Afraid of Ed Hochuli's lament about the Seattle sports scene.  A sadder place does not exist in America right now.

Super Punch shows us that Baseball (which is dead to me right now) is way cooler in Japan.

German blogger Nerdcore (nerdcore.de) brings us this cool page of Star Wars Bowling Balls .  Bowling is too a sport!  The Nintendo Wii told me it was, so it is!

Lee Tunnell totes looks like Weird Al!

Some good stuff in this week's cheating recap.  Someday the MLS may have one of it's own make it into the SHOF .  Who knew that people palying poker online would try to cheat.  I am truly shocked!

The Miami Dolphins are super-excited to not suck anymore!

Pete LaForest better bring the karma in the WS.

We have a winner in the Creepiest Mascot Contest!

Super Punch is not my new favorite blog, but he does find some great stuff!  Move if you see this sign on halloween:

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