Monday, October 13, 2008

Misdirection Play 10-12

I'll try to dig up the best sports links from non-sports sources on top of stuff that you just can't go wrong with.

Yes folks, that does look just like NERF CRICKET.  I don't know if it is or isn't but it looks cool.

We start with the weekly cheating recap.  I am really liking the Cheat or Beat blog.

Uniforms that are uglier than the Jets throw-backs.  Just do not make fun of them to the players faces!

I promise that if I ever get on a baseball card or a trading card of any type that I will not wear a Hawaiian shirt.  I know that is not a Hawaiian shirt, but that is my standard.  I won't go as low as he did!

One non-sports link, because you need to broaden your horizons a bit.  That and Clerks refernces are awesome.

A classic resurrected by the fail blog.

The onion gives us some very funny but inappropriate charity humor.  Click at your own risk.

X marks the Pitchers mound.

Did you want to see BMX kung-fu?

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