Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Double Click, the link dumps of link dumps 10-28

If I linked all the stupid Halloween crap I've come across over the last month I'd make us both sick.  So take this and like it.  I like Halloween and all, but some people get way too into it.

Over at AA , we get a nice list of ways to dress your kids up as your favorite sports announcer, AND an Obama endorsement from an Old School NASCAR guy.  wow and wow.

So the creator of Bejeweled spills his secrets, hacking for love, a $2,000 steampunk-esque phone, and a scary link I did not touch: Zombies meet Cosplay.  All over at my favorite German blog.

Oh my Ali Lohan is a dog!  What she dressed up as a cat you say?  My bad.  What does a slut dress up as for Halloween?  A normal girl.  Who hasn't Madona had sex with?  Besides me, my wife, my dad, or my crazy friend Rich.  Posh spice loses the heels for her son's soccer game!!  The Assy One always delivers the goods.

Stay sane, $2 oragami, and attack of the Dr Girlfriends!  I love being a geek .

Not really a link dump, but it has a bunch of links and is cool as hell.  If you only click one link here, THIS is it.  A gallery of Absinthe bottles.

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