Sunday, October 19, 2008

Double Click: Link dump of link dumps. 10-19

I'm still working on a name for this.  But sometimes I am lazy (shock!) and sometimes there is just too much to sort through, and other times I am just disorganized.  Regardless, here are some cool pages I found through the various link dumps that come my way.

I got married Friday night and before I left the house I came across a Think Geek post of various geeky wedding rings.  A happier omen I could not ask for. I like the pulse one and the puzzle one, my bride dug the Tolkien based ones.

Miss Cellania linked us to the list of the top 25 Redheads in history.  Neither I nor my Bride are on that list, and considering how strongly I doubt that half the list were actually redheads, I am offended.  On a happier note I got a 2.41, Macs suck, puns rule, and they wipe their bums with that stuff!

The Greek Geek Manual , shares some fan-made batman 3 trailers, hypes us for the 2010 Green Lantern movie, showed us some cool side-by-side pictures of th new Star Trek movie vs TOS, a decent list of SuperHeroes to get drunk with, and a couple of articles on io9, but don't click those because I have an irrational dislike of all things gawker.

Need a celebrity gossip fix?  No?  Do you like cleavage?  Or want to hear about the new Bourne film?  Or do you care about Paris in anyway, even if it is just to laugh at her?  Then get your fix at the CW.

Hey, can your read German?  Neither can I!  But that does not stop me from sending you to a German language site.  Why?  Because he's got some cool stuff there, and about 35% of the site is in English.  Odd I have heard of Franglish and Spanglish, but not Germanglish.  It's worth clicking just to see some awesome brit vandalize a wall built for kids to spray paint instead of using local buildings.  I just realzied he has that same cocaine video!  It's a small internets folks!  The New Yorker vs XKCD cartoon-off was cool as well.  As were the Giant Lego heads made out of Legos!  How meta!  (That does not mean what I think it means, does it?)

I love sports, so it bothers me that Sarah Palin is a two-timer!  Quarterbacks should keep their moves to the football field, oh my!  Also, play along with the caption game.  But really AA posts like mad and is spot on.  Funny, topical, usually right, and he's even better when he gets serious.

This won't change my EUBUA concept, I'll just save that for solo things that come across my way.  It's MY link dump, not stuff taken from other people's link dumps.  This all gets very confusing.  I almost want to start a blog and call it "The End of the Web" and just have the stalest links possible.  Have it be just the place these links go to die.  A blog that allows to skip half of the blogs on the web, because you know it will get to The End of the Web eventually, so you can just wait for it there,  But that idea is so bad it's beyond even me.
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