Sunday, October 5, 2008

Daily Disambiguation: Zero


Gundamnit, of course I'm back with a pun, what did you expect?  Let's move next to what is either Bill Pullman's or Ben Stiller's finest cinematic achievement.  There was a comic book by Sam Keith, Mr Zero was the original name of Mr Freeze, Sgt Major Zero was a robot in the awesome puppet-mation show Terrahawks, Deltron Zero is one of many stage names used by Del tha Funkee Homosapien who I did not have confirmed until writting this piece that he was rapper used by Gorillaz even though I had a feeling he was, he also part of my favorite song on the Judgement Night soundtrack,  Private Zero was in Bettle Bailey's unit, A.D.A.M. Unit 0 was a Marvel Comics android sadly deceased.

Size Zero is what is worn  by pre-teen girls and anorexic models/actresses, this plane was famously used by the Japanese in WWII, it is also the name of 1978 japanese concept car,  and it is also a term used in cryptography.

Oh my goodness Anime sure loves using zero as a character name!

Your random Google goes here.

Zero - Smashing Pumpkins

Lastly and leastly Zeroth is a real word! I dare you to find a way to use it in a sentence though.
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