Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daily Disambiguation: Gauntlet

One of my favorite video games ever.  You can play a knock-off of it online.  I would rather own this than this. Although the latter is very cool and only the former as it existed in the comic books would be able to trump the latter.  And despite the fact that Bi-Planes just look cool, I'd never want to own one.  I hate road rules so you get no link, be thankful for the fact that I even mention it.  There is the movie in which Clint Eastwood gets to spend a lot of screen time with a prostitute.  Of course all of these are take offs from the original meaning of the word: an armored glove, and yes the hard leather ones are considered armored for their day.  Last, but not least we have the American Gladiators challenge.

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