Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Double Click, the link dumps of link dumps 10-28

If I linked all the stupid Halloween crap I've come across over the last month I'd make us both sick.  So take this and like it.  I like Halloween and all, but some people get way too into it.

Over at AA , we get a nice list of ways to dress your kids up as your favorite sports announcer, AND an Obama endorsement from an Old School NASCAR guy.  wow and wow.

So the creator of Bejeweled spills his secrets, hacking for love, a $2,000 steampunk-esque phone, and a scary link I did not touch: Zombies meet Cosplay.  All over at my favorite German blog.

Oh my Ali Lohan is a dog!  What she dressed up as a cat you say?  My bad.  What does a slut dress up as for Halloween?  A normal girl.  Who hasn't Madona had sex with?  Besides me, my wife, my dad, or my crazy friend Rich.  Posh spice loses the heels for her son's soccer game!!  The Assy One always delivers the goods.

Stay sane, $2 oragami, and attack of the Dr Girlfriends!  I love being a geek .

Not really a link dump, but it has a bunch of links and is cool as hell.  If you only click one link here, THIS is it.  A gallery of Absinthe bottles.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quick Love Note to the Haters

Brady, Maroney, and Harrison all on the IR, yet the Patriots are in first place.  How much is it going to suck if they win the Super Bowl anyway?  Best football season ever?  Yet the Patriots are right where they belong, FIRST PLACE.  Don't let reality cloud your judgment though, you never have in the past.   Who's laughing now hater?

I am.

Monday, October 27, 2008

EUBUA 10-27

Eternally Useless But Utterly Awesome links.

The Death Star in the Red Bull Soap Box Derby.

Mac-o-Lanterns.  Way better than real Macs.

My Little Pony + Boba Fett = ?!?!?!?!?!?!  Kudos

Walking the Walk.

More proof that Cats are way smarter than Dogs.


Paging Dr. Cupp.

All I want for chirstmas is  OH MY!

Sarah Palin jokes still are funny, especially when they involve the best fictional spokesperson of the last 10 years.

Feel cool with your very own form letter email responses.

That's all for this week, enjoy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Misdirection Play 10-21

Starting off on a depressing note this week we go to Afraid of Ed Hochuli's lament about the Seattle sports scene.  A sadder place does not exist in America right now.

Super Punch shows us that Baseball (which is dead to me right now) is way cooler in Japan.

German blogger Nerdcore ( brings us this cool page of Star Wars Bowling Balls .  Bowling is too a sport!  The Nintendo Wii told me it was, so it is!

Lee Tunnell totes looks like Weird Al!

Some good stuff in this week's cheating recap.  Someday the MLS may have one of it's own make it into the SHOF .  Who knew that people palying poker online would try to cheat.  I am truly shocked!

The Miami Dolphins are super-excited to not suck anymore!

Pete LaForest better bring the karma in the WS.

We have a winner in the Creepiest Mascot Contest!

Super Punch is not my new favorite blog, but he does find some great stuff!  Move if you see this sign on halloween:

Daily Disambiguation: Kennedy


America's 35th President has OVER 9000!!! things named after him.  These things include nearly 30 High Schools, over 10 middle schools (including Hudson, Ma (not listed)), apparently only 1 elementary school, the airport who's parking plan is so beautifully pictured above, an entire center in Washington DC where people who like to talk get broadcast on NPR frequently, a Library in Boston, a Space Center, and a bridge that connects Louisville to Indiana.

View Larger Map

This is going to be a many parter so bear with me as I try to make a week of this.  I knew there would be layers to this but not as much as what I found once I started digging!




My Google Reader


I Wanna Be a Kennedy - Kill Hannah

Monday, October 20, 2008

Daily Disambiguation: Sunset


So we obviously have the apparent motion of the Sun caused by the actual movement of the Earth.  We have approximately 10 Sunset High Schools in America, 6 Sunset Boulevards in the world, and 5 municipalities.

View Larger Map

It is also a magazine, a record label, a porn star (and probably a few thousand strippers), a dark piece of American racial history that I was not fully aware of, a passenger train route from New Orleans to Los Angeles, a novel/play from author Cormac McCarthy, and lastly it is a term used to described a pre-determined ending usually of a law or warranty, or service.

Your random Google search.

Your random Amazon search.

You random Grainger search.

Your random IMDB search.

Your random My Google Reader search.

Sunset Grill - Don Henley

Sunday, October 19, 2008

two months

2nd month = momentum lost.

There were many reasons for this, so I won't dig into it.  In the first month I stayed a week ahead, and that even included the anniversary post.  This month the scheduled shrank and shrank until it disappeared.  I need to get caught back up to being a week ahead where I can.  And to do that, and stay there will require putting 2-4 entries a day into my queue.  The Daily D's can be done as far in advance as I want, same goes for my SHOF posts.  The links posts will require a bit more "urgency", but even they can be done as much as a week in advance, if I want.

The goal is to fit this within the confines of the rest of my life.  It will require daily discipline, but I want to backlog as much as possible to give myself the flexibility to be busy, to edit, to be topical, to think, and the experiment.  This is an idea ground, that can only spawn more serious things if I am willing to play around.  And hell this is at it's heart a place for me to vent my insanity!  

Like everything in my life I need to get into a rhythm, and like my new job speed will come with practice.  So a post that right now takes me an hour to pull together will eventually take me 30 minutes, giving me a chance to write that post a different time of the day, or do it on the fly when a free moment presents itself.  Again, flexibility is a goal.

Let's look at some numbers:
42 posts and 157/246 visits in the first month
27 posts and 107/144 visits in the second

It will be easier to plot my time now that I am back to work, even if I get a 2nd job, it will just require me to focus on what I am doing.  Reading faster, typing faster, thinking faster, and being in the moment will all be skills that I need to learn.  The Steroids Hall of Fame is still going to continue, especially since I've found a few good resources, I just want to get back to my daily posting first.  Even if the Daily D doesn't end up being a long term thing), right now it serves as a great exercise for writing, thinking, planning, and discipline.  The first month shows that when I am up to date with the D then I will stay on pace with other things.

Double Click: Link dump of link dumps. 10-19

I'm still working on a name for this.  But sometimes I am lazy (shock!) and sometimes there is just too much to sort through, and other times I am just disorganized.  Regardless, here are some cool pages I found through the various link dumps that come my way.

I got married Friday night and before I left the house I came across a Think Geek post of various geeky wedding rings.  A happier omen I could not ask for. I like the pulse one and the puzzle one, my bride dug the Tolkien based ones.

Miss Cellania linked us to the list of the top 25 Redheads in history.  Neither I nor my Bride are on that list, and considering how strongly I doubt that half the list were actually redheads, I am offended.  On a happier note I got a 2.41, Macs suck, puns rule, and they wipe their bums with that stuff!

The Greek Geek Manual , shares some fan-made batman 3 trailers, hypes us for the 2010 Green Lantern movie, showed us some cool side-by-side pictures of th new Star Trek movie vs TOS, a decent list of SuperHeroes to get drunk with, and a couple of articles on io9, but don't click those because I have an irrational dislike of all things gawker.

Need a celebrity gossip fix?  No?  Do you like cleavage?  Or want to hear about the new Bourne film?  Or do you care about Paris in anyway, even if it is just to laugh at her?  Then get your fix at the CW.

Hey, can your read German?  Neither can I!  But that does not stop me from sending you to a German language site.  Why?  Because he's got some cool stuff there, and about 35% of the site is in English.  Odd I have heard of Franglish and Spanglish, but not Germanglish.  It's worth clicking just to see some awesome brit vandalize a wall built for kids to spray paint instead of using local buildings.  I just realzied he has that same cocaine video!  It's a small internets folks!  The New Yorker vs XKCD cartoon-off was cool as well.  As were the Giant Lego heads made out of Legos!  How meta!  (That does not mean what I think it means, does it?)

I love sports, so it bothers me that Sarah Palin is a two-timer!  Quarterbacks should keep their moves to the football field, oh my!  Also, play along with the caption game.  But really AA posts like mad and is spot on.  Funny, topical, usually right, and he's even better when he gets serious.

This won't change my EUBUA concept, I'll just save that for solo things that come across my way.  It's MY link dump, not stuff taken from other people's link dumps.  This all gets very confusing.  I almost want to start a blog and call it "The End of the Web" and just have the stalest links possible.  Have it be just the place these links go to die.  A blog that allows to skip half of the blogs on the web, because you know it will get to The End of the Web eventually, so you can just wait for it there,  But that idea is so bad it's beyond even me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Daily Disambiguation: Solitaire

A solitaire can be one of several species of bird in the Thrush family.  It is the Bond Girl that was played by the beautiful Jane Seymour.  It is one of many one player card games.  We have also a builder of manufactured homes, a metal band from Finland, a maker of kayaks , canoes, and skulls, an Arizona based motocross team, it is lastly a form of cipher.  So obvious it could be forgotten is the style of diamond engagement ring.
The random Google search.
The random Amazon search
The random Grainger search.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Misdirection Play 10-12

I'll try to dig up the best sports links from non-sports sources on top of stuff that you just can't go wrong with.

Yes folks, that does look just like NERF CRICKET.  I don't know if it is or isn't but it looks cool.

We start with the weekly cheating recap.  I am really liking the Cheat or Beat blog.

Uniforms that are uglier than the Jets throw-backs.  Just do not make fun of them to the players faces!

I promise that if I ever get on a baseball card or a trading card of any type that I will not wear a Hawaiian shirt.  I know that is not a Hawaiian shirt, but that is my standard.  I won't go as low as he did!

One non-sports link, because you need to broaden your horizons a bit.  That and Clerks refernces are awesome.

A classic resurrected by the fail blog.

The onion gives us some very funny but inappropriate charity humor.  Click at your own risk.

X marks the Pitchers mound.

Did you want to see BMX kung-fu?


Friday, October 10, 2008

EUBUA 10-10-08

Eternally Useless But Utterly Awesome links.

Gmail wants to help you stop drunk emailing.  Now if only AT&T would stop make an effort to stop drunk texting.

Parental foreshadowing at work again.

The truth hurts!

The truth is also very tasty!

Today in geek history.

A different style of drinking game , and a geeky one at that.

Flash game of the week.

Lego's are awesome, as are the people that use them as an artistic medium.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Daily Disambiguation: Thief


The knot is pictured above, the series of computer game, an on-line chess client, it can be a tool used to taste whiskey or wine while during their making, he is a main character from the 8-bit theater web-comic, it is also a 1981 arcade game that was a not so well disguised Pac-Man rip off, it is also a 192 video game for the Apple II that is a not so well disguised Berserk rip off, a 1981 Michael Mann film starring James Caan, an album by the band Destroyer , and an EP by the band Shearwater.

Our random, as selected by me, Google result leads us to the lamest and least addictive flash game EVER!

Thieves - Ministry

We'll wrap it up with a 17th century poem by Abraham Cowley 

The Thief              

Thou robb'st my days of business and delights,
   Of sleep thou robb'st my nights ;
   Ah, lovely thief, what wilt thou do?
   What?  rob me of heaven too?
   Even in my prayers thou hauntest me:
   And I, with wild idolatry,
Begin to God, and end them all to thee.

Is it a sin to love, that it should thus
   Like an ill conscience torture us?
   Whate'er I do, where'er I go—
   None guiltless e'er was haunted so!—
   Still, still, methinks, thy face I view,
   And still thy shape does me pursue,
As if, not you me, but I had murdered you.
From books I strive some remedy to take,
   But thy name all the letters make;
   Whate'er 'tis writ, I find thee there,
   Like points and commas everywhere.
   Me blessed for this let no man hold,
   For I, as Midas did of old,
Perish by turning every thing to gold.
What do I seek, alas, or why do I
   Attempt in vain from thee to fly?
   For, making thee my deity,
   I gave thee then ubiquity.
   My pains resemble hell in this:
   The divine presence there too is,
But to torment men, not to give them bliss.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Daily Disambiguation: Zero


Gundamnit, of course I'm back with a pun, what did you expect?  Let's move next to what is either Bill Pullman's or Ben Stiller's finest cinematic achievement.  There was a comic book by Sam Keith, Mr Zero was the original name of Mr Freeze, Sgt Major Zero was a robot in the awesome puppet-mation show Terrahawks, Deltron Zero is one of many stage names used by Del tha Funkee Homosapien who I did not have confirmed until writting this piece that he was rapper used by Gorillaz even though I had a feeling he was, he also part of my favorite song on the Judgement Night soundtrack,  Private Zero was in Bettle Bailey's unit, A.D.A.M. Unit 0 was a Marvel Comics android sadly deceased.

Size Zero is what is worn  by pre-teen girls and anorexic models/actresses, this plane was famously used by the Japanese in WWII, it is also the name of 1978 japanese concept car,  and it is also a term used in cryptography.

Oh my goodness Anime sure loves using zero as a character name!

Your random Google goes here.

Zero - Smashing Pumpkins

Lastly and leastly Zeroth is a real word! I dare you to find a way to use it in a sentence though.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Re-poster: When next we meet.... (Pats v Colts AFC Championship Game)

Originally written: November 5, 2007.

Things that WILL be different when the Patriots and Colts play again in the playoffs:
1) Penalties: let's assume the refs were 100% dead on right with every single call. Do you honestly think the Patriots will make that many mistakes against the Colts again? No way. Alter this aspect early in a game and we have a blowout on our hands.
2) Addai: do you think the Patriots will completely forget how to tackle again this season? No way. Again, change this = blow out
3) Harrison: yes this had an impact, but the Pats have won all three super bowls by over coming injuries. Much was made about the changing of roles between the teams. How each had developed the other's style of play. The Colts forgot a key aspect of the Patriot Way: how to handle injuries. Brady, Bruschi, Samuel, and Watson all got their jobs by playing well when someone else got injured. Colvin missed the entire 2003 season. Seymour and Harrison were gone for most of last year, the list goes on and on.
4) Foxborough: yes the style the Colts play will put them in a better position to win in bad weather, but Foxborough is not their home. The crowd noise will be against them and weather is always an issue for a team that plays in a dome. There is a reason the Patriots always volunteer to play that Saturday night game in the post-season.
5) Manning face: he had that look on his face again. That look of defeat, dismay and a total lack of understanding of how this happened AGAIN. The psychological edge for the Patriots has been re-established. The air of invincibility has been restored. Honestly, I saw it on his face on the sidelines during the first quarter of the game. He may have forgotten he's passed this challenge previously. This makes me sad, because I want a championship level rivalry, but instead we have the old beaten-down Manning back.
So the Pats had all these dis-advantages yesterday, even if you call them poor play (tackling and penalties), heck ESPECIALLY if you call them poor play, it goes to show the Colts are not in the same league as the Pats. The only thing they have to hope for is being less injured, and this is the NFL, learn to deal with injuries or learn to lose.
They never did meet again that season.....

Daily Disambiguation: Gauntlet

One of my favorite video games ever.  You can play a knock-off of it online.  I would rather own this than this. Although the latter is very cool and only the former as it existed in the comic books would be able to trump the latter.  And despite the fact that Bi-Planes just look cool, I'd never want to own one.  I hate road rules so you get no link, be thankful for the fact that I even mention it.  There is the movie in which Clint Eastwood gets to spend a lot of screen time with a prostitute.  Of course all of these are take offs from the original meaning of the word: an armored glove, and yes the hard leather ones are considered armored for their day.  Last, but not least we have the American Gladiators challenge.