Sunday, September 7, 2008

Steroids Hall of Fame: New Rules

Ok, it was pointed out to me that I broke half of my guidelines when I wrote the Rodney Harrison piece.

The original standards were set in my first piece and a follow up piece I did an hour later after a Google search revealed someone doing something similar.  The other blog is no longer around and I  wasn't going to let it sway me anyway.

Old Rules:
Great on the field
Impact off the field because of Drug use
Retired or Banned (at least effectively)

Rodney Harrison is borderline great on the field.  He's the best there is right now at his position, but is he Canton bound?  I'm not sure.  He is not retired nor has he been baned.  Jose Canseco was also not "great", although he was the first ever member of the 40/40 club.  If his career ended with a little more dignity he'd be in Cooperstown.

New Rules:
Great on the Field (a good argument for real HOF, or best there currently or at the time at his position)
Impact off the field because of drugs (what did we learn from them)
Retired or Served a Suspension due to the use.  (I won't speculate on current players that have yet to be busted.  But if you have been busted you're fair game.  If you're retired then I have no problem with rumors.)
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