Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dancing with the Stars: First Dance

My first reaction is that they dialed down the scoring a bit.  They did not dial it down enough, we definitely should have seen some 3's last night.  The judges already have their favorites but we'll save that until after tonight.

Let me thank my Editor right now, her notes played a big part in this.  and it's her fault I watch this show.

Cody.  Little Zach is stuck in the middle of the pack and his going first hurt him.  They did a great job and I want to hate him but I can't.  His crush on Julianne humanizes him to a point that it makes me almost tolerate him.  He was better than Maurice, and once he works on his footwork he'll be a real threat to win.

Misty.  Did they even watch her dance?  4th?  Give me a break she had the  best dance of the night.  Slumping shoulders was her biggest crime.  The score was the judges.  She will win this.  She reminds me most of Layla Ali.  Great personality, and once she lets loose she will destroy the competition.

Over Scored:
Warren.  Wow, he moved much better than I thought.  I really didn't think he'd have the foot work needed.  That being said, no way he actually did a Cha-Cha!  Go re-watch it, then watch anyone else's cha-cha, and tell me he actually did the dance.  Not his fault, but the judges should count this against him.

Brooke.  She was very good, but she did look like she kept forgetting the moves.  She was much better than I expected and will play the 40ish mother of 4 card very well.  Toni, Misty, and Lance were all better though.

Ted. I love Ted.  I hope he stay son the show as long as possible, but come on!  He was awkward, stiff, and had the Jason Taylor Hand of Doom.  He's going to poke an eye out with that thing.  (Sorry Jeff.)

Maurice.  Although better than expected he was still slow, stiff, with no real rhythm until out of dance holds.  He  loses his step easily, and had  flat feet (poor heel leads).  He was scored way too high.

Quick Exits: 
Jeff.  He was done before I started typing this.  He is funny, and I'd like to see him next week out of shear comedy value.  I knew he could clean up his act and make us laugh, and he did.

Rocco.  Trying hard to be the Gute (Goot?) and failing.  He was terrible and really belonged in the Over Scored section..  Good attitude, but he'll be gone soon, not soon enough.  He'll be the guy that toward the end you say "I don't even remember him!"

Susan.  Wow, shocker here.  This is her crowd and she tanked it.  Stiff, uncomfortable and counting!  We can see you count people!  She needs to bring the Erica (bitch) or she won't be around long.  Not be mean but attack.  That's one more thing that makes this show a sport, if you don't attack you won't win.

Kim.  Much better than I thought she'd be.  Good posture, good footwork, a few missteps, but very good.  My miscalculation on Brooke means that the "hottie curse" is targeted on Kim.  Sorry KK.  Warren has a bigger but, Cloris has a bigger rack, poor Kim.

Non-Misty Heavy Hitters:
Toni.  She was good, and will play the pity card till my cold heart bleeds.  She was darn good.  She had the footwork, she had the energy, but does she have the fan base?  The internet makes me think she's the "sob story" favorite.  Ick,  I want her to win if she earns it, I'll hate if we go through another Marie Osmond.

Lance.  Wow, his partner is going to take him far.  That girl is mainlining redbull and Lance still has his NSync moves.  I underestimated him badly.  Again Footwork and Energy will take you far.  He has both, plus a fanbase.  Put him in the finals now.

Show Stealer:
Cloris.  Bigger rack than KK? Check.  Sitting on Carri-Ann's Lap? Check.  Seriously teasing Len? Check.  Needing to be *beep*ed? check.  What did this girl not do?  Yeah girl.  she had more vitality than Lacey.  But she isn't a good dancer.  I will not go anywhere near predicting when she'll go.  Just enjoy the ride, Len will.

Mea Culpa:
Wow, I was wrong a bit in my preview.  Let's clear up my mistakes.  

"My money on the other two finalist will be Susan and that chef guy."  WRONG!  It will  be Lance, and most with Toni, Brooke or Warren fighting their way in.

"Warren Sapp gets Kym Johnson. He will make fun of her accent in the first episode. He will last to the second episode."  WRONG!  See above.
"Warren Sapp - Dead duck"  -again, wow was I wrong.

About Jeff: "Or well, we'll enjoy his 3 dances." Did I say 3?  I meant 1. really.

"Moving around a professional kitchen is like dancing..."  hahahahahahahah What moron said that?

"The hottie curse will hit BB." -Yeah 40+ Mother of 4, she ain't going anywhere as long as the kids are in each "practice clip".

"This pair is my call for first dead. Toni has no audience left, her "Q" rating is in the gutter"  Toni is going to be spending lots of quality time in your living room.

About Suasn and Tony: "Unless she sucks badly they go far."  She sucks.

About Maurice and Cheryl: "She can take Maurice to the top, if he has the personality for it."  Although I think he'll come crashing down to earth about halfway through, he has the personality.

The judges, and some fans, don't realize it, but it's Misty's show to lose.

Bye Jeff!  We will miss you.
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