Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daily Disambiguation: Crash

Let's be Topical today, shall we?


There was that movie a few years back, the 1978 made for TV movie starring Will Shatner based upon this tragedy, and a 1996 David Cronenberg film based upon the 1973 JG Ballard novel.  It's is also another term for a cardiac arrest , it was the name of the first episode of Life on Mars, a niche computer magazine, Darby Crash was the lead singer of the Germs, it was tthe title of albums by: Human League, Dave Mathews Bland, and Billy "Crash" Craddock.  It is also a british car game, a grafitti artist, and a dead wrestler that people said I looked liked.

Music time!

Don't forget the Gwen Stefani song or the  Propellerheads song.

Crash (The 95 Mix) - The Primitives

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