Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daily Disambiguation


Let's run an experiment shall we?

Janet Jackson
Pedro the Lion

Janet Jackson
Puddle of Mudd
Mute Math
Joy Division (She's Lost Control)
Metro Station

TV and Movies:
A Hungarian Movie
A movie about Joy Division
The Spy agency from Get Smart
an episode of House

And then a bunch of science stuff....

control experiment, control, control group by Dr. Work (Dr. Work)

Good experiments need a control,

Because meaningful data's your goal.

Please make sure to arrange

For one test with no change,

So you'll know if the change plays a role.

That's it for Limerick week. It ends because the site I'm getting my limericks from is working systematically and is only at the very beginnings of the letter "D". As the get farther and as I do A, B, of C disambiguation I'll look to see if there are any good limericks to use. I'll also look for other cool tie-ins.
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